Scriptophobia  -  15 Sure Ways To Deal With Fear Of Writing

About The Book:

As a writer. You know how to write. You can write. You want to write. You know this and that, but it is still a battle you fight every day - The Fear of Writing. The fear doesn't go away. It just changes. The fear is always going to be there. The fear is going to change. Once you have conquered the first fear there will be new fear: A new worry. In the spirit of positive thinking let's call them challenges. 

Many times people avoid writing because of fears or anxieties they have about writing. In this book, some helpful questions guide a discussion about ways you can calm fears of writing and begin to work. Understanding where fears are generated, and then understanding ways our writing influences others, can help lessen the fear of writing. 

There will always be challenges and this book is a compass to the lost writer in the sea of doubts and ocean of overwhelming fear. So sit, grab a cup of coffee, cross your legs and let’s deal with your fears decisively with this book.

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