Writing is more of art and even more skill. The world of publishing is fast evolving and writing is bridging the gap between publishing, digital marketing and brand development.

Data driven content, entertaining stories, inspiring articles and guides have become business assets. You can now connect, build a network, attract and sell to people from your website or blog. eBooks, articles and webpage content are integral components of your social, digital and internet network growth. 

Writing and coaching prospective writers are my passion. 

Is Writing Any Easier?

I would like to help you solve your writing needs. Yes, all of them. If you are starting out on any writing project, then I'm the right guy to write to. 

Never get stuck again on any kind of writing. You can spend hours trying to craft the right business story or you could simply send me a request and I get your work done for you in record time. Stop getting disappointed by your inability to write, not everyone can write pretty well and fast, when the under pressure. 

Coach Me

You too can do this. I also have enough experience to coach you through and start you on your path to exciting content creation. You would love my writing and my skills also rub off on people.

My writing portfolio consists of freelance writing jobs, guest blogging on more than 8 websites and blogs. 

What Services Do I Offer?

  • Blog articles
  • Brand statements
  • Poetry by request
  • eBook cover design and compilation
  • Ghostwriting
  • Book review
  • Training and coaching
  • Web and Social page admin
  • Website content writing
  • Book publishing
  • Voice over
  • Blog/Web design
They are definitely for a fee. Negotiable fees, though. I am quite affordable and I have been retained with most blogs I write for based on my efficiency and considerable price ranges. 

Go ahead and send me a message, CLICK HERE and tell me what you need and I will respond ASAP. 

Meanwhile check my shop for books I have written.

I await you message any time soon.