Jaachi Anyatonwu began his career as a teenager, gaining unparalleled experience in creative writing, while also establishing himself as a respected poet. 

Influenced by writers such as Maya Angelou, Chinua Achebe, Shakespeare, Wole Soyinka, Myles Munroe, he aspires to quake the earth with his quill, while keeping tabs on efficiency, originality, consistency and accuracy.

He is currently most passionate about poetry and runs an online platform Poemify for budding African poets. His mission is to help more aspiring young writers structure their craft and attain authorship successfully. In 2015, his poems won the Pengician of the Year Award and in 2016, the Chrysolite Writers Poet of the Year Award. 

Author of 'Sweetness', ‘Diary Of A Broken Poet’, ‘Scriptophobia’, ‘You’re Loved and You Belong Here’, 'Creating Lead Generating eBooks’, ‘Self Publishing Successfully’, 'Poetry Simplified' and ‘How To Create Amazon Author Page’.

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His publications include anthologies, self-help manuals and creative writing aides.

Currently working as an Editor for Libracin Natural Medicine, Jaachi is widely known for his editing skills, creative writing, social media advertisement and paid advertisement expertise.

When he's not busy inking poems, he enjoys singing and spends time blogging. His writings have been featured on several literary platforms, such as, CF WriterzCWAN Pengician, Tush Stories, My Ace World, African Writers, Power Poetry, Hello Poetry, WRR, Parousia Magazine, Academia, Slideshare, TNW, among others.

Editorial Director, Poemify Publishers and CEO Buoyant Space Technologies. Stefn is proud to call Aba, Abia State home.

  • Poetry Blogger Promoter, 
  • Writing Tutor/Writer, 
  • Web Development, 
  • Talent Development, 
  • Graphic Designing, 
  • Software Development, 
  • Social Media Marketing, 
  • Mentoring, 
  • Book Publication, and 
  • Public Speaking. 

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