The one country I'd love to visit or live in outside Nigeria is Jamaica. It used to be the Bahamas though, but for Rihanna and her shakara. Mtchew!

So, option two: Jamaica! YES! I love the island of Rastafarians. 

Do I hear an invitation to come over and read/perform my works? 

And there will be this super cool reggae music playing in the background while I read a patwa spiced poem with my thick Igbo accent [inserts ha ha emoji].

Naughty dreamy me.

But dreams come true/through, right?

On the other unrelated news, something about this picture reminds me of the days when I knew no Sabrina.

I was saner, sinless and sly then. 
Now see my life.

Oh Jamaica, cum to mi rescue!
Cum tek mi home to di land of fine beaches and blue rivers.

My love for blue.