bashful, timid, quiet. shy

If anyone you know has used these terms to describe you, you're probably a bit shy. Everyone feels that way once in a while. Shyness and social anxiety are common, no matter how old you are.

There is one myth about social anxiety and social anxiety disorder that I would like to dispel. The myth says that social anxiety is just exaggerated shyness. This myth encourages the idea that anxious people are merely weak-willed pushovers. It is partially because of this myth, I think, that well-intentioned people offer the relevant but insensitive and patronizing advice like, “Don’t worry about it!”, “Just do it” and “Face your fears.” 

Thinking on all these, I wrote this poem:


when a shy person speaks,
it's like music from guitar strings.

when a shy person smiles,
it’s like the sun coming out

when a shy person steps out
it's like the uncommon visit of gods

when a shy person reclines
it feels like moon eloped from night

when a shy person is 'i'
do not curve the letter into 'u'