Writivity || Ways to Make Your Self-published eBook More Accessible to More Readers

These six quick and easy tips will help you avoid classic rookie formatting errors that make eBooks difficult or impossible for a significant proportion of potential readers around the world. 

Text Should Be Text!

By that, I mean don’t load any text as images, such as logos or graphics of fancy titles, because these won’t be recognized as text by devices designed to turn eBooks into audio for the visually impaired.

Avoid fancy typography effects such as drop caps. Again, these won’t “translate”, and although they may look pretty, they won’t be legible to text-to-speech readers.

Inspired by Self Publishing Advice From The Alliance Of Independent Authors

For More Detailed Guidelines

These tips are excerpts from 'Self-publishing Successfully', a  step-by-step guideline on self-publishing, it's important and ways to monetize an eBook, by the Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu. You can read much more detailed guidelines by placing an order for  'Self-publishing Successfully'. Click Here.


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