Understanding Why Peter Denied Jesus Thrice

Most of us know Peter denied knowing Jesus, but we need to understand the setting for these denials to know what Peter was facing.

Peter was with John and others (possibly the temple police and soldiers) in the courtyard of Caiaphas’ house while Jesus was on trial upstairs. 

One of the high priest’s servant girls recognized Peter and said:

“You were also with that Nazarene guy,”

Peter replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, abeg”

A second time a servant girl saw him and said to those nearby, 

"This beard guy was with Jesus of Nazareth”.

Peter’s reaction was even more intense. Dude denied again, even with an oat. He literary swore he'd never met 'that man' since Adam.

Before Peter’s third denial, someone obviously heard him talking and remarked, “I swear, this guy is one of them. His intonation is obvious”

Peter’s response is shocking.

I quote the Bible...

“He began to call down curses on himself and he swore to them, ‘I don’t know the man!” 

This time he called down curses on himself!

Yes, it was that serious.

But, before we judge Peter too harshly, we need to understand what he was facing. 

First, Luke tells us Peter was with those who had arrested Jesus (22:54-55), likely still clutching their swords and clubs. 

Second, Peter was now in the courtyard of the high priest whose servant Peter had maimed in Gethsemane. One word from Malchus [remember him? The guy whose ear he cut when they came to arrest Jesus?]

So, one word for Malchus and Peter would be roasted like a chicken. 

Third, Peter was in the inner sanctum of Jewish religious leadership. The 71 members of the Sanhedrin were trying Peter’s rabbi just yards away from him. 

That was a pretty intimidating setting for a timid fisherman from Bethsaida.

After the third denial, the cock crowed and Peter remembered Jesus' words. The timid brawny mustached fisherman hurried and wept bitterly, overcome with remorse and humility.

There is a lesson in this. I will help you find it.

Read on...

Peter was courageous enough to be in the right place.

He was close to where Jesus was being tried, probably, to protect Jesus, but unfortunately he said the wrong things in the right place!

The question now is; where are you right now?

If at the right place, watch your words, lest you defend the good Lord with the zeal of the devil.

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