How A Boy Finds Closure

when a boy loses grip on life, he turns to poetry:
that gives rhythm 
to silence, 
light to darkness,
colours to monochrome,
sinew to dry bones

in poetry,
a boy finds the magic of metaphor
in falling s
that forms the rungs
that ferry him up
out of the pits of depression

in poetry,
a boy finds compactness of expression

in poetry,
a boy opens doors to feelings suppressed

in poetry,
a boy can shine light on all those dark crevices of his heart
and every hidden corner of his mind

in poetry,
a boy who was once thought permanently closed off to the world
opens up himself like flower petals to the sun

in poetry,
a boy taps into his five senses,
to demystify the simplicity of life
and the complexity afterlife
in a few lines
that rhyme

when a boy loses grip on life, he turns to poetry


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