Write me a poem about two sides of a coin
how one side is gold and the flip side foil

Funny how the things we once cherished are become anathematized
by the ideas we now hold as divine

Funny how we made jest of the others only to become
what they became to us.

Funny how we unconsciously slide into same boxed category
of once-upon-a-time kinda story.

Funny how we take same history classes
and repeat same historic mistakes
as if, to say, we were oblivious of them.

Funny how we condemn 'them'
but later become 'them'
in a nick of time.

Funny how we sit and point fingers at the others
only to fall into same ditch they'd entered

Funny how we condemned them
but sit to dine and wine with them

Funny how we cast aspersions at one
but find closure in the other side of same coin

Funny how we chuckle at their stereotypes
but rage with fiery vexation when others hold faux opinions of us

Funny how life plays a fast one on us
like the wind unveils the cockerels anus

Funny how funny I think these funny things are,
so funny I cringe when you laugh


#Pengician #SSA