Write me a poem about an errand boy
of how the master said to his boy
"Get ready your kite, for tomorrow,
you'd share nickels down the road"

Into the street dashed errand boy
his kinky blond hair glistering in the sun

he mounted his kite with a wrinkled grin
and flew into Kogi's sky as the master's bidden

When he arrived the market square
he staggered down and with carefree flare

Nickels he threw into their
faces, like trash to the fire

With haste, he mounted his kite 
feedback, for the master, to recite

But the errand boy's kite 
was swept off the sky

Must have been some sort of a force, technological
whatever it was, master's unaware,
so let us blame the rainmaker
and the market woman who sells umbrella

#Pengician #SSA