na pesin wey mek you smile naim dey take him life

every day he dey laugh but for night na cry
gold fit dey shine like head wey oyel dey,
but naim rust still dey rush
depression na real, my brother, no be wash.

she get that fine voice wey fit make you high
song never start but you don dey dance
because she kill herself you come dey judge?
depression is real, my sister, no be wash

Abobi, I know sey hustle no dey pay,
if you kill yourself you no fit run away,
waka enter rain, bros you no be salt,
tomorrow go better, life na turn by turn

sisterly, me I know pale too dey front,
mama sef no send and boyfriend dey fuck up
learn to love yourself, sister live your life,
las las, wetin you dey find, e go be sister.

sun wey hot, e go still calm down
things wey hard, e go soft na
third midland bridge na for crossing bro,
make you no dive, keep crawling on

no be you first come, why you wan first go?
we love you scatter, but you dunno
so speak out, make you for no loss
e go better, don't die, bros.

#Pengician #SSA