if this isn't madness, tell me,
what is?

head in the clouds, she giggled carelessly,
saving leftovers in the hollow of her dimples

arms around her, he tickled ceaselessly,
her body, her soul, her spirit

yesterday, it was
broke, spent, worn, both

hands akimbo, he let her go,
wondering why his touch
is a reverse Midas of gold to dust

heart in limbo, she wouldn't know,
not one tinge of guilt nor telltales of leaking tear ducts

today, it is
she had no safer laughter bank

it's sad she left without making withdrawals,
now he must live alone with a laughter that isn't his to keep

if this isn't madness, tell me
what is?

John Chizoba Vincent inspired this.
#Pengician #SSA

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