POEM 353: 
I Know Why A Blind Man Smiles 

if a sunlight drops into a blind man's eye
will he see the light or a glowing dark?

this question and more jog in my heart
morn, noon, eventide

he's blind and old

the melody of light awakens his sightless eye
like fingers running on piano keys
the warmth of light caress his skin
i know this because he sings along
a duet of sunrise and smiles

he lifts up his head into the sky
bathing in that which he cannot see
a smile breaks across his wrinkled face
leaving cracks of unseen imaginations

he mumbles words punctuated with smiles
his ancient eyes that do not see
star gazing into monochrome imaginations

the light he seek is not for him to see
so he feels it's warmth on his face
and hears it's brightness 
he knows the sound of dawn at heart

so he sings along with a knowing smile
as the sun crawls east to west
seeking what is never to be

that gaze into the sky not seen,
the break of day and set of dawn
memories of what's not seen once and will never see

I know why the blind man smiles
he sees no reason to be sad

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