she's a carefree firefly, beautiful but deadly,
floating to and fro the street,
wiggling her wares, luring her men

she's a keg of sweetness,

her voice intoxicating like palm-wine,
one taste of her
you'd be lost and ne'er found

she's a smile masking the scent of desperation,
draw you into a warm embrace
and kick you out like a plague

i knew her, how sweet the fragrance of her roses
teach our noses,
the vocabulary of aroma,

i also knew her, how deep the cut,
the sting of her thorns,

yet i followed her tracks
her glowing behind, beautiful to behold,
morals fell apart, and my core couldn't hold

through the choking lane of her smoking lure
i crawled the dim-lit street like a stray cat chasing moonlight,

if curiosity was a curse
i wore one, like a pendant around my groin

dazed by shimmering ebony,

intoxicated by seraphic symphony,
i danced with Ishtar,

to the electric hum of her allure, i danced

to the rhythmic throb of my entry, we rose and fell
rose and fell
rose and fell

our heads reaching into the clouds of utmost heights
and the juices of us sinking into deepest dark


like the fragile glow of fallen stars,
i am abandoned in the wasteland of conquered kings
while away she flies to conquer you who'd not heed to this

this is not a poem

#Pengician #SSA

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