Ediye mmi 

ató ke idim áwere ake duk inyang 
(from the river you're flowing to the sea)
emptying yourself into me like the river to the sea
drawing me deeper still
into the wetness of your arms

Ediye mmi
I am the fire and you're the candlestick
I glow brighter and you're melting into me
raining sizzling droplets of wax 
deep down the foundation of me

Ediye mmi
like the rainbow colours of Nwaniba Water Fountain
you rise with glee and fall with thrill on me,
like tidal waves you wash me off the shore of indecision
into the waiting wings of fluidly passion

Ediye mmi
I love the musicality in your speech,
funny tingle of your accent:
how you make melody when'er you call on me

Ediye mmi

#Pengician #SSA

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