POEM 346: 
i am about to mock my ignorance
it's okay if you cannot stifle the laugh
i'd be better off, because i write.

i'm unaware, isn't it the trend?
about the working of a court,
of scribbling porn, i was convicted,
by the church, without the court

by god, i swear, i meat no Ham
'twas a harmless play on words,
'you're exCUMmunicated' moaned the church,
well, i dragged 'em to the court

my counsel is a good lawyer,
the prosecutor had a fiery temper,
'he's a sinner!' moaned Padre still
'i've not seen her!' i argued still

there was a minor chaos,
we stood erect, trading words,
the church and i, not one would bulge

the judge banged his gavel
so hard, it tickled the giant church bell
"udder, udder"
he moaned aloud

i whispered audibly to barrister Chris,
"a wrap of akpu, egusi, kanda and a can of coke".
i placed my order, because horngry
nice judge, he knows the bard be broke

#Pengician #SSA

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