I elbowed literature out of my way
when I saw her flirting with you,
as if I wasn’t also capable
of thrusting prose and poetry
with the vigor of multiple muses

evanescent thoughts
tried to pull you away from my plots,
but like the fleeting glimpse of sunset,
I froze every moment
with a line, in a verse, of a poem

so with these quill,
grasped by my trembling fingers
I began shifting letters
and rearranging alliterations along our affection,
to draft love letters with fancy end-rhymes

for all to see that, though words fail me,
and my voice take an unannounced leave,
I can outsmart literature's ephemeral thrill
and row this boat of words on relentless seas

until shores appear, not farther away,
from the day we matched word for word,
with wordless whispers words we wouldn't say.

#Pengician #SSA

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