i see my silence on broken altars
searching for lost symbols
on the walls of an abandoned shrine.

i feel my heart ache like silhouette fingers,
flipping through heretic scripts
and grabbing at the bread of life,
for succor, salvation, silvery illumination.

like the ancients, I am awakened,
to my insatiable longing for cosmic mysteries,
though both Eden and the serpent, mock me.

the gods gives crescent hints,
to the Arab,

drops a kernel for the Yorubas,
Shiva saunters into the orients
and a virgin and her son
become godmother and God's son to the Romans.

conflicting, all of them,
though they are a necessary creeds
that fuels me on and drives me closer, maybe,
to a creator, I can't see, maybe

i cannot deny my intense longing for cosmic mysteries,
to see it and have it and be it.

i cannot pretend that its fascinating mysteries,
and many requirements -
does not press down upon me like a crushing weight -
as piety, and tithings, and negligence of earthly pleasures -
is it that simple?

i see my soul as a lost symbol,
floating in space,
will the lost be found?

#Pengician #SSA

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