Life can be a challenge; 
of that there is no doubt.
But If we cannot laugh at ourselves,
life will become a dull and stifling experience.

We could ease up and laugh away
the stress and hurt and all.

Life is pretty hard, I know,
but if we take a moment to stop and see the joke,
we can change our entire day.

Those that take life seriously,
may see humor as an obstacle in our paths.

But the truth is this: jokes are funny
because they contain an ounce of truth about life
that would not be able to be shown through any other medium,
other than sarcasm, satire or comedy.

This is not a poem,
it's funny, for the sake of laughs,
but the funniest part of all,
is none of this is funny to me,
it's reality,

The Poem:

Johnny Johnny
'Yes, Papa'

Graduate now?
'Yes, Papa'

Job in company?
'Yes, Papa'

Too much work?
'Yes, Papa'

Stress much?
'Yes, Papa'

Family life fun?
'No, Papa'

BP sugar?
'High, Papa'
Yearly Bonus?
'Joke, Papa'

Minimum wage?
'Haba, Papa'

Annual Pay?
'Low, Papa'

Personal life?
'Lost, Papa'

Promotion incentive?
'Ha ha ha, Papa'

(Over to you. Add yours)

#pengician #SSA

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