POEM 276: ROMANS 6:23 

''For the wages of sin is death...''
...and that was all I was told

Last night, my sins were resplendent
all over a large portion of my heart, strewn

Last night, lusts ruminated on, back then,
when ignorance made me a melee mess,
came flooding my thoughts

Last night, twilight wasn't spared,
neither was the sun in daylight
neither was I from guilt and Sheol fright

Last night, the dark truths of wantonness
stripped dreams of their existence,
and ushered in nightmares

Last night, the bliss I crave came on a sacrifice of tears,
shed to atone for my insolence.

Last night, none else could fill the chasm formed,
none else could offer the solace desired

But the lingering conquest of your love, made me cry
I could see your grace, ever so stark
falling like waterfalls on my charred soul

Like a new born nightingale’s song
who walked on a crown of thorns,
and had his heart pierced with spear sharp,
to give my soul divine delight

Last night, you would not my angst prolong,
so you dawned on me like the morning Son.

and then, you whispered to me.
''... but the gift of God 
is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.''



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