at the funeral of his daughter,
old pa Sule leaned on his walking stick,
to a make speech

with eyes fixed on his late wife's tombstone
pa Sule's voice, laden with grief

"when her mother died, Sera asked me:
'daddy, why couldn't God save mummy?'
My heart sank like a milestone
dropped in a pond, and I said to her:
'I don't know.
Could be God's plan'

"so annually, we stroll in here,
and lay flowers,
Sera beside me.

but here I am,
flowers in my hand,
tears down my cheeks,
staring at what I shouldn't see,
and wondering,
How is this part of the plan?
How in fate's name is this God's plan?"

...and pa Sule wept
heaven, silent.

an eerie hush fell on us
hearts questioned God.

I walked away, wondering,
how beautiful 'God's plan' could be,
so beautiful He hurts faithful worshipers?

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