Not your regular kind of poem


singing congregation:
"Jesus loves me this I know
for the bible tells me so..."

Me gotta make a confession

I didn't want to go a churching
ain't mind stay home a sleeping
but mama will call a quizzing
say 'son ya gone a backsliding'
so here I am in church, really.

clad in my cloak of sin
remorseful, feeling like a dirt bin
would Christ, God's son ever me forgive?
me ain't gat no offering to give:
so here I am in church, really.

sitting beside sister Agatha
she telling me 'bout everyone
she a tell about sister Bisi
who dress inna flowing gown
and weep when pastor hit a right spot
but she be lap dance inna night club

she tell about brother them
who carry bigger bible
but come church to woo woman them
with poetic lines,
me I chuckle
cos imma one of 'em:
no lies

she tell about choir sister Peace
who sings the alto part
but at night fall she sneak
inna boyfriend house down the street
singing a dirty soundtrack

dunno how sister Agatha gotta know all that
what concern me sinner boy?
I'm here to tryina be a born again

she tell about preacher man
chatting naughty inna night
with them brother youths
who are "Father Father" him on Sunday
imma shock father be a gay

so here I am in church, really
thinking imma worse sinner
coming to church to repent
but them church goer
be worse than the serpent

people be are think because they are Christians
grace cover them sinning:
that's silly

church be a showcase of them fashion trend
church be a competition them rich flaunt them giving
church be them youth choice place for them flirting
church be worse with then careless living

ain't get no better
them preacher man can't do nothing
because church be his merchandise
so "Halleluyah Jesus love ya"
me bible ain't telling no lie.

this be church, really.
next Sunday imma miss!


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