As the snow flies and the gold fish swim in the morning,
everyone wonders why I wear a smile.

As the even comes
and stars into twilight crawls,
everyone wonders why I wear a smile.

Little boy with a runny nose interrupts my thoughts with a loud sneeze,
and everyone wonders why I wear a smile.

Angry man bangs his head on the wall and curses the government under his breathe,
everyone wonders why I smile.

With my face down to the ground
and my heart heavy with grief,
never one know nothing kills a man faster
than hoarding hurt and imploding into many tiny bits.

Never one knows a sad soul curl
behind the mask of smiles
basking in the euphoria of fantasies
that he knows would never embrace realities.

Never one knows
Never one ever would know
Never one would care to know
how unto death depression dangles a rope
from the forbidden tree
beckons the sad and lonely
to come pluck a fruit around the neck
and be one with the tree of life, unalive.

It's morning again,
sunlight peeks through the window blinds
and birds flap around chirping on trees,
everyone wonders why I now wear no smile.
Ne'er one know I die nightly.

#Pengician #SSA