Whenever I need expert advice, I'm the first that comes to mind. So I sit me down and talk sense into my head. 

It's not pride.

It's not weird.

It's not insane.

It's normal.

Your parents do it.

You. I. We. All. Do. It.

Either with words spoken or thoughts ruminated upon.

Talking to one's self is cool.

Sometimes one needs to move away from the crowd, sit and talk to oneself, tell one what's going on and what one should do and how to go about it. 

I feel talking to oneself sometimes gives one this inner strength that one can do just anything.

Actually talking to yourself is a sign of intelligence. So, if you're among those that do it, you're wise. Genius. Normal. Super intelligent.

Keep talking to yourself. Alright? You're not a retard!

But complaining to yourself while walking on the road is a sign that you need a shrink's attention. 

Make communicating with yourself a habit. Trust me, the emotional bliss and mental relief can be quantified.

For those who already do, have you spoken to yourself today?

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