Safe in her bed with her hymen broken, her heart could be next but the thought never crossed her mind, rather she busied herself in recollecting moments of the sex. She'd hoped her first time would be one of pleasures but never expected to get 'raptured'. Cuddling her pillow she listened to Logic's Broken People, drifted into sleep muffled up in her duvet and dreamt of Orange Nights. 

About Author: 
Priye Bokumo is a budding Nigerian writer who writes mostly to his playlists. He is a graduate of Mathematics who thinks he is a Playboy and calls himself ‘The Girls Dem Daddy’ but in reality he’s trying really hard to get laid. Orange Moon is his first published work. 

His works such as: How To Get Laid (a collection of short stories) and The Land Of The Setting Sun (a Biafran war tale) are currently in the pipeline. When bored he imagines himself in a jacuzzi watching porn or trolls Messi fans. You can reach out to him on:

Facebook: Priye Bokumo
IG/Twitter: @Priyewrites
WhatsApp: +2348163644010

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