I am Xenophobia
I hate my brother
I’ll untie mother’s wrapper
I’ll break father’s
Walking stick
And stick(out)
My head from the South
Laughing to my delight
While he stumbles in daylight.

I am Xenophobia
I envy my brother
Who walked from the West
To come rescue me
From the Whiteman’s grip.
My brother
He fought for me.
A war I couldn’t win.
My lean Uncle Mandela
He housed
Under the umbrella of Brotherhood.

But that’s history
His folklore
His old story.

Today I rule the Whiteman
He helped me dethrone.

My brother from the West
Have I vowed to waste.

I am xenophobia
My brother I hate.

He’s better than I am
But my Yellow Land
Is better than his Oil-blackened
Benue and Niger rivers.

I am Xenophobia
I am Xhosa
I am Zulu
I am a black fool
Lazy I am
Envy my lazy am-
Strengthens against my brother.

I am Xenophobia
I hate my brother.

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