Will thy ever believe,
Ought I tell thou what my heart says.
To meet your family, that I'm wholly ready.
Ought I tell thou that our courtship,
Never shall it be tarried.
But would it not matter if I hath not.
Ought I tell thou that my heart is bigger than the ocean,
Would thy ever believe?

Will thy truly believe,
Ought I tell thou that the love,
Never would it subside.
Before the priest;
Surely, you and I will make vows.
Ought thou dare bare my surname;
Forever my heart shall smile.
For you my heart leaps;
When you are beside me,
I wish times would forever ceased.

About Writer:Ayouba Toure is a Pan-Africanist from Liberia. A practical Muslim with Mandingo being his ethnicity.Born on February 20, 2003. Currently studying civil engineering at the university of Liberia.A
n emerging poet, who writes base on the ills of the society.

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