love is when you have no idea
how the last time stays afresh
in your heart

one after the other, you fall
— the petals —
off the tree of life

nights after days, you stand unclad
at the mercy of frost bites
kissing the apple that's stuck in your throat.

at your end, you sigh and shiver
at her end, she cry a river

both ends are polar
never to meet — anymore,
not because you can't
but because it hurts to twice relive an agony

it's because your choices couldn't match her doctrines

it's because you were taught to heed and bat no eyelid

it's because you become victims of whatever was taken

that's not all,

love is two pale petals glued and then peeled apart

love is the ripping off hearts.

love is bleeding and crawling away with skinned knees.

love is stamping footprints paths with regrets and...

love is shared laughter, moans and sweat

love is faking it and muttering 'hello world!'
while shielding our scars behind masks
for someone worth the trial

love is painting broken walls
with droplets of sighs
and splashing stonewalls with droplets of smiles

love is a night of hovering clouds that rain tears on pillows

love is a pen that bleed profusely on diaries
until sleep steal you away into dreamy promises.

love is the sun that steals subtly
with a yellow glow between the window blinds

love is the stretch and yawn
that refreshes the mind

love is black, beautiful, blind

youngster is confused and bothered
and I shall comfort him with these;

step out shoulder high into yet another day
fall in line with everything good
fall in love with anything new

love is you

until memories haunt you again
make love your favourite game


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