They are both angels

without wings waiting on winds

We stood still to watch them but to our watch they came
like moonlight in a dark night
they flapped graciously into our arms
darkness exiled
maybe, for a while

From mourning to moaning we modulated 
not missing the drop of each moment

We rose and fell like tidal waves
dancing to the raging storm in our hearts

I wish I can sail on forever,
said her heart to his

Why isn't he rowing hard and long?
She pondered, limbs around his hips.

A heart filled with love, is what he gives
I've seen an orchard of hearts, she's one

yet away from view she tries to flee
but the angel flew above her as guide and guard

Cajoled him even deeper
Sucked him into her arms
until there's no room for goodbyes

Dear angel, she said
In grey and grave 
with grains or gains
'Can I your crimson crave?
Tattoo on my foreskin your name'

To you am I come, away 
from all other ways

And stay? 
If you are come to leave again,
take off your limbs and crawl away.

they are both angles
waiting for wings waiting on winds


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