*raucous flute interlude*

Hand in hand we're standing,
my shadow and I.
Side by side, we're staring,
at the nightly ball of light.

My shadow sighs and whispers
'Tell me how it feels, 
to look me in the eyes,
and see another man'

My shoulder drops like rainfall,
rolling off the roof,
eyes met, shadow's and mine,
my soul removed.

God! I saw another man!

*eerie flute heightens*

My heels becomes wheels,
I run me to my home,
stands before my mirror
and blinks ten times in a row.

And lo, right in the mirror
standing hands akimbo,
was another man, my shadow,
he wears a smile I know.

'Tell me how it feels' says shadow mirror man,
'to look me in the eyes,
and instead of yourself, you see another man'

I'm scared but you're smiling,
although we look alike,
I don't know what you're doing,
but shadow, you're not mine.

'I'm the man you'll soon become,
if that path you thread along.'
Instantly it dawned on me
masks don't veil the real me.

God! I'm taking off the mask!
Don't want to live another's life
Strip me off the robe of inferiority!
Walk me now in nudity.

I don't know, this could be you
hiding behind another's script
faking ascents and achievements
Man, you got to unmask!

*soft flute fades*

#Pengician #SSA

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