His life's ambition is drifting away
He's losing all will to live again
No silver line in cloud anymore
No tunnel end, no lights to envision
He turns to you
Pleading that you do
Or give a little
From all you have
Don't look away, though he's a mess,
Love him regardless.

She's lost all faith and all that she has
The life that she knows is falling apart
No shelter no more to house her hurting hearts
A child once beloved, now bastard.
She's calling on you
She's stumbling on words
Swallowed pride and ego
Kneeling before your throne,
Don't look away, though she's a mess,
Love her regardless.

Darkness clouds many lives
Sadness hovers around
Seeking unsuspecting hearts to wreck,
Depression is here
Mixed up in the air,
But your home is spared
Of love don't restrain
From the broken and in pain.
When, to you, they come for a sweet refrain
Don't look away,
Love 'em regardless.

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