Happy birthday,
dear brother of mine,
Don't go feeling like some elderly man
It's another reminder again
You're just a year older,
which is perfectly fine.

There's no reason,
to worry nor stress.
Just relax,
and go play some chess.
Oh, I remember, dear brother mine,
Life is the only game you can't repine
if you play your best.

I'm not saying,
your birthday should be boring.
You wouldn't want,
your guests to start snoring.
And oh, dear brother mine,
There's no guest,
no partying.

Just your bed,
and music.

But keep in mind,
this day is all yours.
So forget about,
doing those chores.
Fold your arms,
Cross your legs,
Count the stars,
Admire cobwebs.

I know you're laughing
And shaking your head,
I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday.

So dear brother of mine,
Enjoy your birthday,
the next one is mine,
you dare not forget.

#Pengician #SSA