Do you know with just ONE poem (6-10 lines), you can be #10,000 richer? See this: Anarchi – preserving the individual freedom!

Anarchi is a celebration of breakdown of social inhibition and restrictive values imposed on the individual will and freedom to live as one chooses. It is an attack on mores established to keep society from self-destruction. 

The poet is expected to demonstrate why social mores are destructive to the individual will, and why free will should mean the freedom to do as willed without any moral, religious, artistic, legal or communal repercussion. 

Competition expectations:

1. The poem strictly must be between 6 and 10 lines.

2. Each line must make a complete sense

3. The poem must show how anarchy is preferred to social order and values

4. The form of the poem must symbolize a break from traditional styles

5. The language must be as chaotic as the content of the poem – profanity is expected.

6. Themes to disrupt include: Identity, Sexuality, Gender, Religion, Theism, Politics, Justice, Communalism, Traditions, Individuality, Education, Crime, Love, Morality, Body, etc.

Submission closes July 10, 2018.

Cash Prize: #10,000 | Lone winner.

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