This is a poem written in admiration of  woman, a masterpiece of God creative work and a real symbol of black beauty. The writer was inspired by her beauty and the diligence of every black beauty of Africa. He is dedicating this poem to all women pursuing Godly lifestyles.


In your pictorial image I grow
The gentleness of your face i gazed upon
Black beauty of Africa you have given colour to the world!
Among other women you are a symbol of royalty and fairness
Behold i have seen the black beauty of Africa
I hope you see her someday
Her eyes are virtue’s steady and holy mark
Her speech counts slow and steady
She's a symbol of solid foundation of life

Intelligence glows round her face
Wisdom glows all round her cheek
Smartness glows round her smile
She is the mother of calculation
She is a strong partner to man's decisions
She plays a vital part of the completion of Christianity

Within her, Grace is confined
And her faith in God is real
Pureness in her heart
And for Sacrifice she will never think twice it comes natural
She sleeps in the bed of Jesus,not fictional but factual

She's priceless
A true spiritual being,she will always say love me and never let it fade
A queen who believe in the Lord 
Because she lives in a world

She's a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31-10)
The Bible says she is hard to find
Her price is far above rubies, which are rare
She must be handled with extreme care
She is like a tree planted by the waterside 
That yields her fruits in its time and tide 
That never ceases to bloom through the climes 
She flourishes even in the hardest times 

She is not just a hearer of God Word's
But on a daily basis she glance through the scripture as a sword in her mouth 
She is a close companion one ought to have 
She strives not to see others starve 
She never despise those who lack

A friend in time of need, she is 
A citadel of hope in her time of bliss 
For all her services, she demands no reward 
She is not the type that craves materialism 
But with patience she seeks good futurism
Being virtuous she stands out the best among the rest

She never slander, rather offers good counsel 
To neighbours and scorners who want to libel 
Her voice sedates melancholy 
Her roof is a heaven for the homeless and for the needy 
She can welcome the hungry one's with a well unforgettable garnish garnish meal

She is prayerful, resourceful and a defender
Most times she sacrifice all she have
critics wonder if she is blind! 
She is the joy of her household 
An epitome of virtue in her neighbourhood

She is the news and desire of her spouse 
She can never make you go hungry
Anyway is a way that's her principle 
She likes industry and distastes negligence 
She always looks forward and never backward
"Once you see her you see a masterpiece of God work"

© Odigili Henry
He is a lover of poetry, lover of nature, routine thinker and the unusual boy you'll love to meet.

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