The real APC
We do not defect.
Our carpets are landmarks
No leg can cross its path.

We're legit, not looters
Even sin hate us!

We all are speakers.
We own words.
Lay ambush on us
and we'll walk right through you with spoken words.

Why so blue?
We are the sky.
When you lose your white green
to red patches on Jos hills
just look up to us.
You can call us gods.

Why open palms?
Demanding for bribe?
We're beckoning on our bride,
your senses,
come let's save the land!
How long shall bonded broomsticks
take us for a ride?
Y'all witches?

What are we saying?
We too wonder why.

Why do politicians make APC vain?
We are the real APC
we do not defect.

Our words might be just poetry
but we speak not in vain.

Our word is our bond
We don't run the mace.

We are the real APC
The other na fake!

Go get your PVC
and some pint of sense.

Photo credit: Porient ART & Media


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