If the title made you laugh
you're the reason I wrote the piece.
Ukelle chant war cries
burning down Iyila,
their boarder mates.
In Barkin Ladi
are barking dogs laden with hate,
tearing down the thin fabric
that unite a divided us.
Can't you see?
From South to the naught
we play dice with human lives.

When I was a child, I pride in rivers Niger and Benue,
rowed my boat in their confluence,
and sang the anthem with enthusiasm
but now I can't swim this river of blood
nor pledge allegiance to this cult.

Have you seen the pictures?
Don't you care for Jos? 
How long shall we kneel and pray
while the enemy rise to prey?
It's true, for now I understand,
the Jos shall leave by fate.
For when we burn our neighborhood
and raze in fire our countrymen,
the one true god shall grin divine
and savour this burnt offering.

Head here, body there
mother and suckling child lie in death.
Their crime was singing 'We Are Here'
and believing 'all of us'
mime the same.
Look how they're butchered like game.

Our guardians, they do not care:
Why would they?
It's part of the game.
We plateau much!

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