Worthless things turn worthwhile,
worthwhile things turn futile. Sound minds waste in the custody of social network 
I'm a victim because most times I lurk. 

Procrastination battles imaginations
It conquers and sends it to relegation 
When in the realm, the mind gets lost
especially when ruminating on matters of lust. 

A breathing being sits, stands like a monument 
Head shakes not, eyes blink not, no part of the body moves, 
except the ten long fleshy sticks
that punch at random on the screen keyboard of a mobile phone 
Accompanied by a smile when the reply comes. 

Minutes, hours and half a day
are spent while on social network we stay, 
achieving no important feat
even rubbed of the appetite to eat. 

Lost in the company of its pleasures, 
Laziness and lousiness come without measure. 
It's engaged like sleep, 
so difficult to wake up when it's deep
being so unconscious of the immediate environment
only to wake up to the reality of being in a captivating captivity. 

The Holy book, an embodiment 
of truth, wisdom and Godly elements,
stays at home while the mobile phone goes to church,
yet, the owner goes home without a touch.
It lays waste, crying from afar
where it's resting on a bar,

Virtually, everyone is being distracted
by this distraction that can birth. disruption 
Let there be retraction 
instead of the distraction.

Emmanuel Chimezie (WAEC)

Teacher, poet, song writer and a genuine lover of God and humanity. 

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