Hold it Pete!
It's my cross
So, sheath your sword.
Let me carry my rugged cross
Calvary becks on me.
These Pharisees got no chill
It's sad, you see - 
Let me just die in peace.
Soon, it will be finished.
And the son of man shall be buried
Scratch that hope!
Once I'm gone down this six feet hole
'No Return'
shall be the song.
Now, through my palms
hit that nail
Pierce my head
with that crown of thorns
It's so quiet here
why can't the haters cheer and jeer?
Look down on me
Nail now my feet
Father, Father
Now is the time
away turn your back
and forsake me!
Prime time to collide
Rub shoulders now
Compete to shine!
Soldier man, go get the gal
Come quench my thirst.
Hello ghost
Time to go home
You don't wish to sleep in a tomb.
Breathes my last!

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