Onion Finely Chopped Into a Poem

Like that vegetable, i am made to 
divest from all my connecting portions, 

gradually but increasingly, my body is a 
china learning the ways of embracing the ground with force. 

every nature i have forced myself into is now slices of 
gossip society will ravage, systematically stealing life from my body. 

until, i am nothing: 
tears that fell like rain into a river running into the earth's mouth & 
spat out onto the ground where i am sprawled, few steps from drying off into stillness. 

- Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie

He is a writer, storyteller & deep lover of the creative arts.  
His works have appeared on Dwarts Online, Praxis Magazine Online, African Writer Magazine, Blue parrot magazine, Antarctica review & elsewhere. 

He studies English and Literature at University of Benin, Nigeria.  

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