In the world of man, the other has no say,
It's an ancient ritual, she bears the blame.
Wasn't Eden immaculate before she splashed the stain?
So he stands saint like a paradox of pain!

From faith, to fear, to what she should
She's made to believe to be God's afterthought.
They point her to man-made Talmud
and smear history on her face like sooth to clay pot.

Is she destined to live in denial of her existence?
Why lock her in a cage of your own pretense?
Why tongue-cheeky powwow
and knot your front tails into a bow?

She's a being equal!
Not licked up from the ground of God's afterthought!

She's a soul equal!
Not a stain on your bloated ego!

She's equal!
Not a blight in your dim eyes!

She's equal!
Not a threat to your clay throne!

She's equal!
...let that sink, man. 


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