If you had been where I have been
in the clouds called nine,
you'll tell in alien tongues
why I'm deeply in love.
If you had seen what I have seen,
you would not laugh at love.
You would not wonder why
I fall for her every enticement.

The spell...
In my dreams, it's her name I spell.
Talkin’, lovin' dreaming. The spell!
She sought after me like bee for nectar
until she found a rose -
Red all through to its petal-tips,
was her love for me like the curve of her mouth -
bone of her bones...
The scent of her breath
and the red of her lips...
If you had heard what I have heard -
the enchanting songs that fall from her lips like a nightingale -
Your heart would leap.
I'm overwhelmed by the ecstasy -
Like stars in the night, like rainbow after rain;
The melody of her refrain
reigned like a queen, got me in tune.
I'm floating on the wings of her magic.
West meets East - her noon meets my night,
her songs mutes my resistance,
gets me in tune with her love, like magic.

- Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

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