Here's a list of Nigerian online blogs where you can submit your poems for publication. 

N/B: This list is updated occasionally.

WRR boasts to be a foremost Nigerian publishing and educational institution. Operating from Ibadan, Lagos and Abuja, her strong social-service culture and active engagement of the Nigerian audience has seen WRR grow into a company that is rapidly changing the Nigerian literature landscape. WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM began in August 2012 as a Facebook-based community of writers, helping each other grow. For Submissions, click here

Accepts poems, short stories and literary articles. For Submissions, click here

Tushstories is an online/mobile platform where young gifted writers can publish their stories without stress, for free. Avid readers can have easy access to interesting creatively written stories with just one click FOR FREE. They can also share interesting stories with friends and family anytime, anywhere! For Submissions, click here

Parousia Christian Magazine welcomes submissions for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. We are very interested in Christian Literature that has impregnable voices, fascinating stories, and creative narrative technique. Same goes for visual art: thought provoking, capturing, enchanting, innovative, eye-catching. For Submissions, click here

Pengician is a site for creative icons home and abroad. Whether your creativity is spoken or written, we are here for you 24/7. Pengician covers almost all facet of life ranging from Literature, Music, Video, News, Comedy, Education, Romance, Sport, Fact, Profile, Entertainment, Quote, Essay/Review, Tech, Book, Motivation, Research, History etc.

Writers Space Africa is an international literary magazine, which features rich diversity of writings from African writers to a global audience. For Submissions, click here

The writers here, scattered across the globe – from Nigeria to the ivory towers of Frankfurt – remain united by their African root and hopes and the unyielding umbilical cord of their creativity. welcomes contributions exclusively from/about African writers (and writing) at home and abroad. Dare to add your voice to the gathering thunder. For Submissions, click here

Yes, here on SSA, I feature guest poems, stories, articles and everything literature. For Submissions, click here

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