Dear desire
it's true I once said love should have no reason
but I've come to realize love does have reasons.
Here, in this piece of poetry, are reasons
I love you this much;
aye! there's more.

I love you because you make me lumber across life,
not like a tavern sailing the Atlantic to Africa
but like a temple of gods, revered and reverend.

I love you because out of the moments of my every day,
not a reproach along the way
but a song that accompanies the sun rays
like the soloist with the keyboardist on Sundays.

I love you for looking deeply into my heart
and gently passing over all the foolish things,
and throwing your arms over my flaws
in a warm embrace like they're yours.

I love you for drawing out the beautiful parts
that no one else dared look far enough to find.

I love you because you saw in me, a pearl
when all others saw was an eel.

...and most of all, desire,
I love you 
because you're you.


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