As The Candles Go Out - Martins Deep
As The Candles Go Out

As the candles go out
and nightfall comes ambling by with
the haunting scent of the monsters in your nightmares
When I'm too far away to save your ears from the lashing thoughts of a hard day breathe. 

Dream without caution.

When the fragrance of flora fades
at the sacred place by the stream where our hearts
climb up the loftiest vaults
with scarred backs breaking under totes full of dreams
Feel for my prints on your skin
like spells to drive away depression.

Would you write a letter that will never reach the Post Office
telling how your heart is a mad rainmaker calling clouds to burst from your eyes
flooding over what cries for your breast aside me?
Would the child in you find a cradle between the lines of my poetry
for the cold night?

Light years is a light thing
for the flight of souls
seeking to make a whole
Imagination is a winged chariot
that wants to show you the holes in time.

Touch me through the wisps of smoke

from my poems that never made it to your heart
with those fingers that plucks the strings in the heart of God
Sigh and it will reach me as the evening breeze
Let me walk into your room
telling tales of the thirsty hart
running from the Sahara
to the Zambezi.

Cry- let it drizzle
I'll smile and it will be sunshine in the rain
We'll paint beauty as a mermaid
half the ugly the eyes can see
and the beauty the heart cannot embrace

I'll be here in your there
Do not let the walls keep you
Flutter on with your soul weeping
"I can't stand the winter any longer away from the fire in your heart"

Put on your red gown
Play the jazz tapes on the radio
Let memories attend you on the tomb of doubt
whether I miss home in your arms
Then fall asleep on our photo album
while I comb your hair in my mind.

- Martins Deep

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