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I wanted to stay,
because I thought heaven was standing in front of a church
with a happy damsel veiled in white
her smiles tinted with the colour of rose
lecturing the sun how to glow.

I wanted to stay
but it would've be better if I weren’t the groom
because this heaven later became my doom

Every day started with poetry for me, 
and with country music for her; 
then, it ended with me on the left side of the bed, 
her on the right, and deafening silence in between.

I knew it was not possible
to yoke a mule to a lamb
and then lay blames on the lamb.
So I assume she was selfish and greedy and stays happy thereafter.
While I am saintly and loving and stays unhappy thereafter.

I wanted to stay
though her blazing tongue burned my skin
every night fall
but her guitar strings
gave my mornings a smile's worth.

But I left
I never did have the strength, 
that’s why I left.
Her heart was too heavy to carry.

- Stefn Sylvester Anaytonwu

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