With my nose I savour its pleasantness.
With the eyes of my mind I behold the glamour 
of its shimmering sight.
With my ears on alert
I dance motionlessly in delight
to this sweet melody called life.

Slow like a snail
Sweet like strawberry
Sad like Sodom's end
Swift too...
Here now, soon gone: life.

Life is good
yet unpleasant every now and then.
I'm wondering why my pen
isn't writing me much food.

Life is unfair
could be why I'm dark skinned.
Should never had been here...maybe
But here I am, tall and lanky,
A little sad and tad happy,
waiting for the day this music in my head,
dazzling sight in my mind,
and aroma of sweet spices
shall appear real
and appeal to you, us, them.

- Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu