May, What You Got For Me?

I'm definitely the type that can fall into the couch, go online on Twitter to tweet, retweet and ...what else is done on twitter?Then go to Tumblr either to tumble over an amazing mix of photography and poetry, or craw on Facebook walls and post 
"Happy New Months buddies. Love y'all!" 
You think I'm a lazy Nigerian youth? No I'm not. I'm that hardworking dude in the neighborhood. 

You cannot expect good things to happen if you just lay around and not do anything, right? But it's really rewarding to drop some wishes on the eve of every month for your loved ones. And that is what I do. 

But if you happen to be reading this blog right now and you are just like me, I wish you the best of this month. 

May MAY bring you merriness in it's fullness.

Now, the year is really running on a jet speed. It's May already and plans sketched in the beginning of the year are yet to hit the roads, or maybe have hit the road but running on a snail's speed. I am trying to change my state of mind. I realized I have to live a little and not just exist. I have to shake off the negative energy and let myself free and do what I want to do. Be happy, love myself, appreciate myself and do same in double measure to those around me. I want to look forward to every day because I am lucky I have been given another day to live. Another to achieve my goals. Another day to touch lives. Another day to live for God's glory. Yet another day, yes another month to live life to its fullness and sweetness. 

(Have you preordered a copy of Sweetness? 
It launches May 14)

It's May, the fifth month of the year, almost halfway through the year. May is spring in some parts of the world, and spring means everything comes back to life, like nature. I have decided that despite the cold, rain storms and #change brouhaha, metaphorically and literally, I will head out and enjoy the sunshine, the moonlight, the twinkling stars, the rain torrents and the melodious music of beautiful birds.

I will embrace every excitement, and new experiences, so May, what do you have in store for me? 

I can't wait to celebrate what you'll leave behind with me while you take a walk to let June in.

I love May, do you?