Due to the Up surge in black maltreatment in Europe and America it has become imperative for me to lend my voice and speak out. we are blacks and should be proud of our heritage. Akpofure Shedrack Speaks On the issue. #BlackLivesMatter

We’re Black and Proud

After all is done and settled
Remember we are blacks not dirt
The skin color is just melanin
It doesn’t signify our status nor history
After the slavery and occupation
Remember the contribution
All the men we’ve given
The lives we’ve sacrificed on high seas and on butchered plantations
They crave our resources and our population
And that we’ve given without hesitation
For how long does the menace continue
Without respite and retribution
A police man is meant to secure the lives of the citizens
Not murder the blacks for some incorrigible reasons
It's been 200 years and more
Convincing us its all said and done
The equality of the blacks is a principle adorn
But in the end its all lies and allure
I'm proud to be black
Cause black is not a color its a race
Remember we’ve soared and we’ve got grace
Black ain’t just a color it's got a face
My face, Her face, His face
And for all of us blacks there’s the word and sentence
'We’re black and proud'

- Akpofure Shedrack

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