Just Because I Came First

One morning I found myself on earth,
I looked around me and all I saw was a woman with an earthenware.
I cried but all I aroused from a her was a shout of joy;
And that's how I became the first that came,
And I grew to know my new mom's face. 

Years down the road and others came 
Six to be exact and I became their elder, an African game 
With my young shoulders I bore their pain
I learnt since I came first they where my responsibilities 
No one taught me how to go about such things.
But I learnt and took it all in me
I'm a first son. A mother's pride and a father's heart 
I've tried and tried but it overwhelms me
Still I try because it's what I was born for;
It's all because I came first.

- Akpofure Shedrack

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