I was not the target you aimed at
Though a consideration distant
At the bottom of your bucket list
But your dart pierced through my heart
And stamped an unknown desire
For you on it.
Deep it sunk
Sent ripples of emotions over every nerve endings
Threw me overboard my canoe
into the wet embrace of love -
Caught unaware -
I couldn't swim,
I sunk deep
Deep into you
And when that night unclad 
yet clothed in a blanket of stars
Love was consummated...
Constellation giggled at our folly.
It wasn't eternal to be.

You passed through this heart
Never knowing you'll find you there
And lose me afterwards to the Bull's Eye
I don't know why
Could be your dart blinded the bull
and love became a dark room
where even our smiles lost their shine.

- Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu